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Stream Nami yo Kiitekure (Dub) Episode 12

Spring 2020 Anime Dub Dub Released on March 17, 2021 · ? views · Posted by StreamAnimeTV · series Nami yo Kiitekure (Dub)
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Nami yo Kiitekure (Dub) Episode 12

Nami yo Kiitekure (Dub)

Rating 0.0
Status: Completed Released: 2020 Season:
Restaurant worker Minare Koda has recently been through a bad breakup. Heartbroken and drunk after a night out, she rants about her misery to a complete stranger—Kanetsugu Matou, a radio station director local to Sapporo, Hokkaido. The next day at work, Minare is shocked to hear a recording of herself from the previous night playing over the radio. Flustered, she rushes to the radio station in a frenzy to stop the broadcast. As she confronts Matou, a chain of events leads to her giving an impromptu talk live on air, explaining her savage drunken speech. With her energetic voice, she delivers a smooth dialogue with no hesitation, which Matou recognizes as raw talent. Minare soon becomes a late-night talk show host under Matou's direction, covering amusing narratives set in Sapporo, all while balancing her day job and personal life to make ends meet.