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fuujin monogatari

Stream Fuujin Monogatari Episode 13

TV Series Sub Sub Released on November 18, 2021 · ? views · Posted by StreamAnimeTV · series Fuujin Monogatari
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Fuujin Monogatari Episode 13

Fuujin Monogatari

Rating 0.0
Status: Completed Released: 2004 Season: Episodes: 13
Nao, an 8th grader, is one of the only two members of a Digital Camera Club, where she also serves as the manager. It's a mystery that she shoots nothing else but the skies and clouds. One day, she finds a cat on a rooftop where she usually shoots her camera. It's a cat that knows how to manipulate the flow of a wind. Shocked to find a strange animal, Nao loses her footing and falls off from the rooftop! Miki is the other member of the club, and also Nao's best friend. Mr. Taiki is the teacher who's taught the cat how to manipulate the flow of a wind. Ryoko is a girl who has a huge crush on Mr. Taiki. And there's Jun, who helps Nao and Miki look for a cat that can fly. Then, there's Yukio, who is the widow of Mr. Taiki's deceased brother. On the outskirts of this big city, a town off the "Wind Handlers," has been formed—and a mysterious Wind Festival is about to begin...